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What are Metal Roof Shingles and Tiles?

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Metal roof shingles and tiles are becoming extremely popular among residential and commercial roofing projects alike for their versatility of design, easy installation, and durability. Many property owners are attracted to the benefits of metal but are afraid that their building might end up looking like a barn or industrial warehouse. If those are your thoughts as well, don’t worry. There have been some incredible advances in metal roofing. Metal shingles and tiles can be manufactured from various types of metal, aluminum, steel, copper, zinc, among others. Each piece is stamped in the factory and can be made to imitate other popular traditional roof materials like wood shakes, Italian villa tile, or slate.

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Why We love Decra Metal Roof Tiles

Decra Metal Roof Tiles represent the best the market has to offer in metal tile technology. Decra is a product line manufactured in the USA, and it is the first stone coated steel roofing system. The metal is made from lightweight aluminum-zinc alloy coated in steel and then covered with ceramic coated stone granules. The entire tile is then sealed with a protective polymer coating. The final result is a beautiful alternative to traditional composition roofing shingles and tiles. These metal tiles come in every color and texture, and they beat traditional roofing materials hands down in performance, longevity, and maintenance.

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Advantages of Metal Roof Tiles & Shingles

Metal roofing shingles and tiles have many benefits, making them a no brainer when considering the roofing material for your next building project. Although they might cost a little more upfront, you’ll save much more in the long run in the lack of maintenance costs, reduced energy bills, and more. Read through their many benefits below.

Extremely Long-lasting

Metal shingles and tiles are exceptionally long-lasting. In contrast to other more traditional roofing materials, metal roofs can last up to and longer than 60 years in some cases. On average they last about 45 years with little to no upkeep required. Most wood or tile requires yearly upkeep to make sure they are in good shape.

Fire and Wind-Resistant

Not only are metal shingles and tiles long-lasting, but they are also immensely fire and wind-resistant. They can withstand up to 140-mile hour winds without cracking, loosening, or flying away due to their interlocking technology. A common problem with traditional tiles. Not only do they stay in place, but they also protect your building from fires.

Energy Efficient

Metal shingles and tiles can save you hundreds in energy bills every month. Especially in Dallas where the sun can get very intense, this is a lifesaver. Metal roofs deflect a high percentage of solar energy away from your building instead of absorbing the heat like most other traditional roofing materials kicking your air conditioner into overdrive.

Versatility of Design

Metal shingles and tile combine the superior performance of metal with the time-honored beauty and elegance of old-world tile, the distinctive charm of cedar shakes, and the classic allure of rustic hand-cut wood shakes. They come in a great variety of colors, thicknesses, and styles. The fact that they are metal doesn’t require you to make any design concessions.

Low Weight

Due to metal shingles and tile’s lightweight, distribution and installation costs are much lower than other materials. They are easy to transport and to handle. Additionally, their lightweight helps preserve the structural integrity and life span of the roof itself. They add structural support instead of adding stress to the building.

How long does it take to install metal roofing?

Metal shingles and tile are quite quick and easy to install. They generally feature a four-way interlocking design and do not require any complicated equipment or tools. On average, for a roof of about 1,600 square feet, installation takes 2-3 days. Variables that can delay the process are adverse weather (heavy rain or wind), removal of previous roofing materials, necessary roof repairs, or other prep work needed before the actual application of the shingles. The first step in the installation process is to prep the deck and install the underlayment, then metal flashing and trim is applied, next the installation of the shingles, and finally details like ventilation and flashing around unique roof features is implemented.

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